But patrina kater ruhkendar, avendar kater kodo vesh 
                                      te le purden hi po o kodo baval!

              ROMANI ROOTS

The Hedgerow Crawlers

Travellers who come to Redditch, Worcestershire,

every Christmas with their Bow top Vardos are talented folki indeed.


 As well as the usual Christmas wreaths, mistletoe, wooden reindeer and painted horseshoes which they do each year to sell at the roadside, they are also talented musicians as well. 


Pete, one of the travellers, paints vardos for a living but  is also a singer in the group "The Hedgerow Crawlers". 


Pete says:"People are often surprised when they first hear us - as we are not what they expected!".


They often play venues with a solar powered stage, lighting and PA system, which one of their friends supplies for many festivals and events.



Below is the latest CD from "The Hedgerow Crawlers"  entitled "ON THE VERGE" and you can purchase a copy by contacting us at our usual address, we will then pass on your details directly to artists.




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