But patrina kater ruhkendar, avendar kater kodo vesh 
                                      te le purden hi po o kodo baval!

              ROMANI ROOTS

                           Thanks &  Recognition


We at Romani Roots would not have achieved so much as an

organisation or website had it not been for the support, commitment

and contributions of our members, and various independant

persons/groups who have given permission and/or contributed

towards Romani Roots and its activities.


Therefore we offer our grateful thanks to all those listed below

and acknowledge that without these persons we would not have

achieved so much or come so far!


The list below is only in personnel and then organisational

alphabetical order, and shows no preference by such order.







The most deepest thanks and appreciation to AJANTA for their

strong support and amazing contribution not only to

our "ETERNAL WHEELS" event, but also to our organisation and site.


Veronica Allen

Without the inspiration and support of this lady, Romani Roots would never

have been concieved. 

Her determination to include ALL cultures and ethnic groups  within

the umbrella of communtiy has encouraged organisations like ourselves  

to develop and progress -

THANK YOU does not seem enough!


Mr Gordon Boswell

We would like to extend our grateful thanks and appreciation to

Mr Gordon Boswell for his kindness and helpfulness towards ourselves

and our members.

We are extremely grateful to him for not only allowing us to publicise

his wonderful museum, but also for considering our request for

his participation in our  forthcoming events.


Gypsy Leeboy Winters

We would like to thank Leeboy for his contribution to our event and

his kind permission regarding publicising himself and his music.


Gypsy Roma Traveller History Month

 Thank you for your positive comments and inclusion  in the GRTHM,

we wish you well on this wonderful event -

WE hope it becomes a permanent fixture on the calender.


Laura (Sakara) Marshall

Many thanks to Laura for her inspirational and honest written

contribution to, and her wonderful comments on, this site.


Richard O'Niell

Our grateful thanks  to Richard - not only for his wonderful written

contribution, but also for his positive appreciation of this site.


Victor Vishnevsky

We would like to thank Victor for his contributions of memories and stories

to our site, and we look forward to enjoying many more in the future.


And last, but not least - Creators / Administrators / Moderators / Committee Members  / Organisation Members / Contributors (and any we may have missed accidentally). 

These persons are  the backbone of Romani Roots and without

their unswerving support ,commitment and contributions

we could not have achieved so much so soon -



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