But patrina kater ruhkendar, avendar kater kodo vesh 
                                      te le purden hi po o kodo baval!

              ROMANI ROOTS

                            Poetry 2

We have added another page for poetry due to the amazing and

numerous poems we have amongst our members and contributers.


Here, as with the Poets' passion, contributers and our own members

tell  poems of past and present, of life and love  wether reality or

fantasy,  and we invite you to read and enjoy this wonderful talent -

the passion that is poetry.


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                                    Gypsy Lady

 I watched the lady everyday
for six or seven years
with expert hands and elbow grease
getting rid of smears

She had a Vickers trailer
with massive silver bands
the grandest trailer you could find
on any atchin tan

She had Aynsley in the cabinets
shining through the glass
Crown Derby in the windows
rugs drying on the grass

She cooked Joe Grey and bacon pud
In a great big pot outdoors
The best food you ever tasted
You always wanted more

I watched her life with envy
A Romany through and through
I wish I was born a Gypsy
Id love to be one too!! 

   ©2009    jo tirce
                                My Gypsy Man

My gypsy man I love you, and you know I always have,
Since we first run away together, and our love was all we had.
You¿ve always been there for me and always been my friend,
And on you my darling husband, I knew I always could depend.

You¿ve worked so hard my daring throughout our married years.
Sometimes I¿ve seen you so warn out, that it¿s brought my eyes to tears.
You¿ve walked for miles and miles tapping on the doors,
But never giving up and coming home, until a job was yours.

It¿s hard to believe all you know; you have so many skills,
And there all self taught, you¿ve learned throughout the years.
You can fix a roof, climb and cut down a tree, and it still bewilders me,
You¿re as good under the bonnet of a truck, as any mechanic could be.

You¿ve turned your hands to ever trade, and I¿m proud to say,
Never throughout my married life, have i known a hunger day.
Sometimes I have had to make do with things; I know that fact is true,
But now you¿re even making up for that, the way that only you could do.

We¿ve sheared the joy of our children, and we¿ve sheared the pain.And when I¿ve worried about them, i know you¿ve felt the same.

You¿ve set up with me all night long, when they were unwell.                                                                                              

Then went to work next morning, more tired the you could tail

You¿re a man with pride and honour, your word has been your bond,
And I know your love and respect for me as always been so strong.
You¿ve raised our sons with self respect, the way that man should be,
And when I see them standing next to you, it brings such pride to me.

Though the years we have had our rows, we¿ve had our ups and downs
But you¿ve never put your hands on me, or treat me like a clown
When I¿ve worried you¿ve worried with me, if i hurt you felt my pain
And if I had to pick my man again my choice of you would be the same 


 ©2008 Gypsy Rose Louse 


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