But patrina kater ruhkendar, avendar kater kodo vesh 
                                      te le purden hi po o kodo baval!

              ROMANI ROOTS

      The Romani Roots Constitution

We, the committee of Romani Roots, hereby issue our constitution:


1) To be a NON-PROFIT, VOLUNTEER organisation.

2) To maintain a democracy within the group by way of full release
     of all and complete information to members.

3) To have annual meetings of the committee, members and
     interested parties, for feedback, contributions, and to continue
     and maintain  the committee, members. constitution and ethos.

4) To ensure that ALL members have the  right to  vote for any and 
     all components  and actions within the group and only a
     majority vote will decide the components/actions of the group.

5) To respect and accept all those who are members of this group
     regardless of religion, colour, race, sexuality, disability or age.

6) To perpetuate, retain and maintain the Romani Race and Culture
     through word and deed.

7) To positively support, educate and reinforce the Romani Race
     and Culture within both the Romani and non-Romani

8) To retain the confidentiality and privacy of all members of
     Romani Roots at all times.

9) To breed understanding and harmony through education,
     interaction,  co-operation,  liaison and integration, 
     with the local,  regional  and  national communities.







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