But patrina kater ruhkendar, avendar kater kodo vesh 
                                      te le purden hi po o kodo baval!

              ROMANI ROOTS


From our very earliest travels the Romani have sat around the fire and told stories.

Stories have been passed down from generation to generation and new stories added with each fire that has been lit to entertain both old and young.

Here our own members tell the stories of past, present and future,  wether reality or fantasy, with morals and humour  and we invite you to read and enjoy this wonderful talent - the Art of Storytelling.

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Old Bill

Old Bill setup in bed and scratched his head, his guts was empty and making grumbling sounds that could   be heard by his old mum and dad who where setting close to an old coal fire in their caravan, trying their hardest to keep warm.

“Muv  giv me some grub here i’m staving”

Old Bills mum looked at him with tears in her eyes and said

“they aint nank boy ya father hurt his leg here an can’t get ta do nank “

Old Bills mum wiped her eyes as she spoke

“aint ya got nank in the grub cupboard   then muv?” he asked now scratching his leg

“no my boy i giv ya the last we had yesterday”

Old Bills mum brushed her hair back from her face

“me and ya father aint eat nank for three days boy“

Old Bill pulled the blankets back from him then stood up

“get me chockes and jeffro here muv i’m  gonna  go  get meself sank to eat ”

Old Bills mother gasped  and looked at her son in shock, because her son only ever left his bed in winter if he needed to go to the toilet.

“cur on then muv aint got all day”, he told her as she stood there looking at him

“but Bill it’s snowing my boy and the snows up ta the jigger ya won’t get nank in this”

Old Bills mum looked at her son now with concern in her eyes, her son was her only child and pride and joy.  For so many years she had thought that she couldn’t have children, but  then on her 45th birthday she found out she was having a child, 20 years had passed since that day and there wasn’t a day went past she hadn’t thanked  god  for her precious son.

”dordi muv we can’t stave here can we, get me jeffro”

Old Bill’s mum knew her son was right so went and got him his shoes and coat. Old Bill put them on then he open the caravan door and looked out at the cold White winter snow, he hesitated   for a moment but then stepped out in to the coldOld Bill had been walking for about 5 minutes and all though it was freezing somehow he couldn’t help but feel cheerful so he started to whistle a tune as he walked.

He was now crossing a old framers field and it was freezing cold the wind was blowing the snow was falling and the devil was blowing his horns. The old farmer and one of his men were feeding the cows and they could hear old Bill a whistling and singing as he approached them.

“My it’s good to hear a young man so cheerful on such a cold day” the old farmer said to his work man.

The  farmer stopped what he was doing and called out to old Bill

“hello son what brings you out on this cold day”

Old Bill came up to the famer and answered

“hello sir I’m  looking for a bit of work ya got any fing for me”

The famer looked at Old bill sadly and said

“I’m sorry son i wish i had but I’m only just getting by myself”

Old Bill smiled at the farmer

 “that aright sir I’ll find sank for the days out “

The farmer smiled back at old Bill

“I’m sure you will lad and good luck to you “

Old Bill walked on but as he passed the farmers barn he saw an old three wheel bike  at the side that was just  like one he had  when he was a boy he stopped for a few seconds to look at it but then walked on .

Old Bill had been walking again for about another 10 minutes when he   came to a car that was struggling to get up a hill there was three more cars behind it and they were all stuck at the bottom of this very steep hill. Old bill stood back and watch them struggling for a few minutes but then he had  a idea come to him, so he walked other to the man in the first car and said

“alright mush, i mint be able ta help ya out, if i got ya to the top of the hill would ya see me all right”

The man told old Bill he would gladly pay him if he could only get him to the top of the hill as he had a very important meeting to go to and was late already, so old Bill told the man he’d be back in a bit and went off back down the road that he had came from.

When old Bill got back to the farm the farmer was no longer feeding the cows but was mending a fence that the wind had blown down.

”you back lad” the farmer ask old Bill smiling at him

“yes sir, i wondered if ya’d do me a kindness sir, and lend me that old bike i see at the side there and a rope”

The old farmer looked at old Bill puzzled and said

“your more than welcome lad but can’t see what good it is to you in this weather”

Old Bill thanked the farmer, then went and got the bike at the side of the barn. When he came back to the farmer,  the farmer gave him a rope he had got from one of the sheds.

” I’ll have em back ta ya in a bit sir “he told the farmer as he set on the bike with the rope other his shoulders and stared to ride away.

“He’s a kind old man” old Bill said to himself as he rode with the farmer watching him go.

It only took old Bill about 5 minutes to get back to where the cars were stuck and as Old Bill approached them the man that was from the first car walked forward to meet him.

”so what’s ya plan” he asked old Bill,

”arr ya see in the minuet” he told the man, then ride his bike to the front of the car and started to tie the rope to the bike and the car.

The man from the first car started laughing his head off

“are you mad man” he asked old Bill “you can’t move a car with a bike”

Old Bill just ignored the man and carried on tying the bike to the car, the man thought that old Bill must be a mad man, so he thought he would go along with old Bill so as not to upset him. Old Bill told the man to get in his car and drive, the man laughing did as he was told.

By this time the people from the other cars were all standing watching, and as the man tried to drive his car up the hill with old Bill on the bike at the front paddling his hardest they were all roaring with laughter, old Bill just ignored them and carried on paddling even harder.

As old Bill was paddling he was panting and groaning and going red in the face and the sweat was dripping from him but still he went on paddling 

“give up you nutter”  shouted  one of the laughing people but still old Bill  went on paddling.

”aww son it can’t be done” shouted someone else but still old Bill went on paddling.

But then there was a grasp of disbelief from the people as they saw the car start to slowly move a little up the hill, little by little it moved and still old Bill went on paddling. Now people where starting to cheer and shout encouragement   to old Bill and the car moved on a little more and still old Bill went on paddling.

When the car at last reached the top of the hill old Bill at last stopped paddling, and a cheer went out from the people, old Bill just smiled and went to get his money from the man. The man thanked old Bill; hardly believing what just took place, and gave him not only what they agreed but money on top. After thanking the man old Bill put the money in his pocket and went back down the hill to the other men with stuck cars and ask them did they want his help too, to which they all said yes.

Old Bill towed 4 more cars before he was finished, all the time with people cheering and hardly believing what they saw. When all the people and cars where gone old Bill made his way back to the farm to take back the bike and rope to the old farmer.

When the old farmer saw old Bill he gave him another kind smile and said

“my work man said i wouldn’t see you again lad but i knew i would”

Old Bill returned the farmers smile, and knew he had found a friend to day as well as earning enough  to keep him and his old mum and dad feed ,to his old dad was back on his feet again . Old Bill said his goodbye’s  to the farmer  then went off to the shop to get some food.

Old Bills mum and dad was starting to get worried about their boy, it was dark outside now and the snow was falling heavy

” i wonder were me bitta tikna’s at?”Old Bill’s mum asked of old Bills dad.

Old Bills dad looked in to the fire as the last flickering flames were about to go out

“let the chivvy bide rakly he’ll be alrite,” old Bills dad said trying to keep the worry from his voice.

They both looked in to the fire and old Bills mum said “the yogs gone out”

Old Bill’s dad took old Bills mum’s hand in his and looked at her

“I’ll have a dikk what we got ta burn when the chavvy gets back” he told her .

So old Bills mum got up went and got a blanket and came back and set down next to old Bills dad and wrapped it around them both as they both set their cold hungry and worried .

They heard a noise, it was someone whistling and singing.

Old Bill’s  mum jumped up and run to the door and opened it she would know her boys voice anywhere. Old bill came in the door loaded down with coal for the fire and tobacco for his old dad and tea and milk and sugar and bread and bacon and beans  and so much more

“put the old pan on then muv” he said handing his mother the food.

Old Bills mum dropped the food and threw her arms around her boy and kissed him.

That night they all eat well around a warm fire and went to bed later that night warm well feed and happy.


Rosie Smith ©2008
 "Outta the mouth of babes"

  A child was asked to write a short piece on their favorite person from history at school, this is what she wrote:

My mom is 40 this years.
She is getting married this year to a man  who isn't english.

My mom is getting married the day before her birthday. Mom is so excited about the
wedding. She is already planning it.

Mom is really happy and kind. She looks after us and the rest of the family. Mommy is the perfect person to talk to.and She is a fabulous cook. She always tries to make every occasion brilliant. She makes sure that we have enough food and drink.

She helps us and keeps us healthy and safe, and for all mom's done for the family and me I Love her.

"But this is not a person from history", her teacher told her.
The child replied,"My mommy says we make our own history!"




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